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Worlds largest collection of LWRC rifle information

LWRC is generally considered one of the finest Piston AR-15

platform rifle manufacturers.

Aka: “Land Warfare Resources Corporation”, LWRC M6,

          LWRC SABR (Sniper Assaulter Battle Rifle), LWRC PSD,
          LWRC Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR)

LWRC International Company Web Site


LWRC M6 Rifle

LWRC Company Wiki Page


Easy to view LWRC product comparisons
– from International Police Supply
* A reseller, but such a good page listed here in “Reference”

LWRC Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR)
– White Paper from Defense Review

LWRC M6A2 6.8mm SPC
– Many pics by ar15buyersguide

LWRC CSAT Paul Howe Edition AR-15
– Only pictures of this special rifle version


– not really a review, just a short description

LWRC 20” REPR – Review from Snipers Hide on LWRC’s Precision .308

10.5” LWRC Dust / Dirt torture test – extreme torture by Tuscon Guns

- Full review, and build summary

(much more coming soon..)


LWRC company “official” torture test video

LWRC M6 Demo
– no shooting, basic rifle overview in classroom

Robinson XCR vs LWRC M6a2 – tabletop comparison, no shooting

LWRC CSAT Paul Howe special edition rifle – tabletop review, no shooting

Ruger 556 vs Sig556 vs LWRC – tabletop comparison, no shooting. VERY
thorough gas system parts comparison!

LWRC M6a2 10.5” SBR
review – tabletop, no shooting

LWRC M6a3 shooting / moving test
– short video guy shooting in mountains

LWRC 6.8spc PSD “Future Weapons” segment
– Don’t usually post this shows crap videos
but it’s the only good PSD video available.. so oh well..

Short vid of amateur blasting in woods

LWRC “official” company overview
– poor quality video, mostly just propaganda

Upgrading DI LWRC to Piston
– upgrading a very early LWRC rifle to a piston model

LWRC REPR with suppressor
– shooting off bench with gas port “closed”

LWRC REPR with suppressor
– shooting off bench with gas port “open”

LWRC SBR with suppressor
– shot clip with AAC, firing at range (HQ video)

LWRC 10.5” SBR with suppressor
– test firing at 500+ yds!

LWRC 10.5” SBR with suppressor
– rapid firing at range (HQ video)

Forums & Threads

LWRC Company Forum

– discussion on m4carbine.net

(much more coming soon..)


Pat Bryan – Chairman/CEO – pat@lwrifles.com

Mahin Malik – Vice President, Foreign Military Sales – mahin@lwrifles.com – mahinmailk@gmail.com

Jesse Gomez – Vice President, Design and Engineering – jesse@lwrifles.com

Darren Mellor – Vice President, Business Development – darren@lwrifles.com

Paul Bromley – Military and Law Enforcement Sales – paul.bromley@lwrifles.com

George Joy – Director/Industry Relations – george@lwrifles.com

Kitoya Carter – Accounts Manager – kitoya@lwrifles.com

Jason Bourland – Demo Team – jason@lwrifles.com


International Police Supply
- GREAT comparison page, full product line

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East Coast Firearms

The Gun Source – multiple models

On Point Firearms – no website store?

Top Gun Supply – multiple models

US Auto Weapons

Talon Arms – LWRC uppers only

Personal Security Zone – Full product line

Impact Guns – Full product line

Firing Line Guns – Full product line

Big Sky Guns – Complete Rifles

Rifle Gear – Partial product line, complete rifles & uppers

Pro Guns – unknown what products are offered?

Buy Telescopes – Complete Rifles

Gun Wurx – limited rifle choices only

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